TOTALPROJECT. The unknown architectural modernity
February 3, 2024
Postwar SOFIA
February 3, 2024
Architecture Walking Tour

The architecture of the town of Loznitsa






Aneta Vasileva,
Zekie Emin,
Georgi Marhov

What is curious about the architectural history of the small town of Loznitsa located in northeastern Bulgaria, which was one of the case studies in the TOTALPROEKT exhibition?

The Architecture Waking Tour in Loznitsa was a follow-up event of TOTALPROEKT. The public buildings and spaces of the town designed by the architect Stoyko Donchev are one of the six case studies creating the ideal city of the invisible architecture of modernity presented in the exhibition. They turned out to be the most unknown to the wider audience.

The walking tour included a brief presentation on Stoyko Donchev, how his work sits inthe local and global context and what the regional particularities of Loznitsa are – the birth place of one of the strongest funtionaries of the Bulgarian Communist Party before 1989 – Pencho Kubadinski. The route began at the House of Culture and continued with a tour around the main buildings defining the public spaces – the hotel, the municipality, the health centre, the former Party house, the bus station and cinema.

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