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We research, advocate, and create development strategies for the architecture built after World War II.

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About us

New Architectural Heritage is a collective of multi-disciplinary specialists who research, advocate, and strategically plan for the architecture created after World War II.

We insist on complex stories, contextual interventions and  a multi-layered urban environment.

We believe in heritage as an integral part of contemporary life, conservation as a resource for sustainable development and architecture as a social responsibility.

We work across several fields – architecture, design, heritage conservation, urban development, cultural management and communications.

We seek algorithms that do not stop but instead allow development and bring together benefits for the wider public and property owners as well as for the city and the building as a piece of architectural significance. 

We are convinced that conserving our recent architectural heritage will provide multilayered and diverse contemporary cities – a necessary prerequisite for their economic, social and cultural development.

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