The architecture of the town of Loznitsa
February 3, 2024
RETROFITTING UTOPIA. The architecture of Bulgaria in the second half of the twentieth century
February 3, 2024
Walking Tour and Map

Postwar SOFIA






Aneta Vasileva,
Teodora Madanska,
Emilia Kaleva,
Dayana Nikolova

The POSTWAR SOFIA Map shows the architecture of Sofia built after World War II in a new and unexpected way.

The map includes two walking tour routes – POSTWAR SOFIA East and POSTWAR SOFIA West. The map is also a direct result that visualises the findings of our other project ‘New Architectural Heritage’ initiated by Sofiaplan Municipal Enterprise during 2020-2021. The two walking tour routes present a new perspective on some of the hidden stories of postwar architecture and include 20 buildings and places. The most well-known communist buildings and monuments are intentionally avoided and the focus is on more obscure buildings that show how Bulgarian architecture has developed during the second part of the twentieth century. The aim of the map is to encourage people to discover places of surprise where the historical layers of our most recent architecture are in a direct relationship with previous periods of time and create unexpected points of view.

This is the first dedicated walking tour map of Sofia, which presents the city’s postwar socialist and postsocialist architecture to a broader audience.

New Architectural Heritage

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