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February 3, 2024
The New Architectural Heritage of Plovdiv
February 3, 2024
Public Lecture Series

RETROFITTING UTOPIA. The architecture of Bulgaria in the second half of the twentieth century




10.2022 — 11.2022


Aneta Vasileva,
Emilia Kaleva

How can we reuse utopias plus the material remnants of the past in order to construct a more coherent future of architecture? This was the theme of the first public lecture series delivered by NAH during the autumn of 2022 in the Sofia gallery Credo Bonum.

The lectures received strong interest from a consistent crowd of over 100 attendees and analysed the transformation of public space, the fate of housing estates, and varying facets of dissonant heritage, which have all defined the socialist and postsocialist period.

Following World War II Bulgaria is not only destined to remain in the Soviet sphere of influence, but also is facing the pressures of rapid modernisation, which has literally build our entire surroundings. During this period most of the public spaces in Bulgaria are created alongside a significant part of the built environment, which defines the modern way of life in the country to this day. One of the key characteristics of the period is its complexity combined with the archetypal postwar utopian pursuit of constructing a better world. This very utopia, as we all know, ends poorly.

New Architectural Heritage

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