bgsocarch The architecture of Bulgaria in the second half of the 20th century
February 3, 2024
TOTALPROJECT. The unknown architectural modernity
February 3, 2024
Educational Game

#bgsocarch game


Buzludzha Peak, Balkan Mountains




Aneta Vasileva,
Emilia Kaleva,
Dayana Nikolova

#bgsocarch the game was part of the programme for the Open Buzludzha 2022 Festival, which is part of the publicity events in relation to the conservation, future development, and raising the public profile of the Memorial House of the Bulgarian Communist Party on Buzludzha mountain peak.

New Architctural Heritage organised and educational game for a non-expert audience with a series of significant postwar architectural pieces of architecture in the country. People of all ages, children and students, including architecture students, took part in the game. The correct answers were revealed alongside key information and fun facts about the buildings or sites in question. Some of the buildings and sites resulted in a lively discussion between the participants.

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