GEGEN DIE WAND. Urban activism and cultural heritage.
February 3, 2024
Residential and public complexes. Sofia
February 3, 2024
Research Project

Architectural and artistic synthesis. Dimitrovgrad






Emilia Kaleva,
Aneta Vasileva,
Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva,
Iva Hasamska

The research project consists of understanding, analysing, and developing a rationale in favour of listing the public art murals that form a synthesis of the arts with the architecture in the town of Dimitrovgrad as pieces of cultural heritage.

The study encompasses 17 pieces of the decorative arts in the town of Dimitrovgrad, which include decorative murals in concrete and ceramics, mosaics, and sgrafitti by Atanas Yaranov, Stefan Gatsev, Georgi Bogdanov, Dimo Zaimov, Mihalis Garudis, Kolyo Getsov, Krasimir Dzhidrov, Petko Churchuliev and others. These are located on the blank gable walls of blocks of flats, on the facades of several public buildings and industrial premises, on the Rotunda to the building of Dimitrovgrad Municipality, on the Mladost sports hall and they illustrate the holistic integration of synthesis of architecture with the other arts, which was so characteristic of the era. This is the first project taking a whole city-wide approach in Bulgaria to analyse the merits for listing the synthesis of arts and architecture as a series of group pieces of cultural heritage.

Consultants: Natalia Hristova PhD, Assoc. Prof., Chavdar Popov, PhD, Prof.

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