Architectural and artistic synthesis. Dimitrovgrad
February 3, 2024
#HUBAVOE. Architecture, media, critique
April 24, 2024
Research Project

Residential and public complexes. Sofia




2022 - 2023


Aneta Vasileva
Emilia Kaleva
Viktoriya Dimitrova
Iva Hasamska

The research project comprises 7 housing estates and public building developments built in Sofia after World War II that carry the most distinctive heritage characteristics even though they are not yet listed.

This set of seven case studies is based on the shortlist of 22 buildings or sites within Sofia Municipality completed as part of the project ‘New Architectural Heritage of Sofia’. The focus of this research are the following seven developments: The Boyana State Residence Complex, The National Palace of Culture, The Largo, Yavorov housing estate, Vladimir Vazov housing estate, Zone B5 housing estate, Motopista housing estate. Detailed reports analysing their significance and heritage value have been prepared for each building or site in line with the Bulgarian Cultural Heritage Law. 

New Architectural Heritage

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