A heritage with a future
February 3, 2024
Research Project

Buzludzha. Conservation and Management Plan


Buzludzha peak, the Balkan Mountains




Emilia Kaleva,
Aneta Vasileva

The research includes the chapters on ‘Architectural and Historic Analysis’, ‘Significance’, ‘Risk’ and ‘Strategies for Conservation’ within the Conservation Management Plan (CMP) of the Memorial Home of the Bulgarian Communist Party at Buzludzha peak, developed within the framework of the Getty Foundation’s Keeping it Modern programme.

The research study was completed as part of a large international team with a multidisciplinary expertise in order to produce a complex document outlining the future vision for the development of the building. The Conservation Management Plan of Buzludzha is part of the longstanding efforts of the Getty Foundation to support projects for the conservation and restoration of exemplar modernist buildings and sites across the world. Buzludzha is the first and only Bulgarian building included in the Keeping it Modern programme. The CMP will be published in due course.

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